What is a Source of Funds (SOF) and Source of Wealth (SOW) request?

The two terms are different and should be treated as such. The term Source of Funds refers to the origin and means of transfer of the money accepted to be deposited into the account, i.e., a bank account. The Source of Wealth, on the other hand, refers to how the client obtained the funds in question, e.g. through inheritance, pay check, house sale, payslip or investment. The Source of Wealth plays a particularly important role when performing the money laundering risk assessment.

Therefore, a request for Source of Funds means that we ask you to provide us with proof of the origin of the funds you use on our account, while a request for Source of Wealth refers to a document showing the proof of your income.

These documents are required throughout the gambling industry.

Like banks and other gambling operators, we work closely with regulators to protect our customers and ensure that our services do not cause harm.

With this in mind, we need to determine how our customers fund their gambling accounts, for example, with their salaries and require proof of it. We know that you may be using additional income to fund your game, and if so, we will only need to investigate further.

Why is it required?

Rebels Gaming is committed to ensuring the protection of its customers, so that they can always play in a safe and responsible manner as well as in compliance with the regulations in force in the gambling sector.

When is it requested?

The SOW and / or SOF can be requested at any time to customers who have deposited a minimum of 2000 Eur in the previous 6 months of activity.

Am I obliged to provide the SOW/SOF?

When requested, the customer will be responsible for providing proof by sending relevant documentation. In case of failure to send it, the game account could be suspended.

How is my information used?

We will review the information you provide to us to ensure the provenance of your funds or source of wealth and will never use it for any purpose secondary to verification.
Your information will be treated confidentially and securely, in line with our Privacy Policy.

Can I submit a self-declaration?

No self-declarations are accepted.

How do I send the document(s)?

Please send these documents by e-mail to: documents@betrebels.com within 30 days to avoid the suspension of your gaming account or upload the documents directly from your gaming account using the "KYC" item from the main menu.

What format type of the document can I send?

You can send the SOW / SOF in PDF format. The PDF format is used to present an electronic document, in the intended format. In this way, the formatting of the text and images of the document is not changed if opened using a different software, hardware or operating system. PDF is recognized as a standard file format, managed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization), for sending official documentation. We must receive these documents in their original formats, in the way that the issuers have processed them. We cannot accept documents drawn up or modified in any way, it is mandatory to send the original document.

Note: We may request SOW / SOF information even before processing a withdrawal request, so we recommend that you have this information available and at hand.